By M. Ramu

(Singapore Senior Pro)
I am saddened by the loss of another member of my golf family.
 it’s hard to describe when you  are awestruck by the flamboyance, flair and greatness of a personality like Ramayah.
He was definitely the best of Malaysians and arguably one of the best in Asia.
I will always remember his generosity and his unselfishness to share the intracasies of the great game of golf.
I have always admired his  ability to move the golf ball around the golf course with such simple touches.
I remember when I was doing a short stint in RSGC with John Sullivan I get to play at the Old Course once a week.Here was this kid with just  3 or 4 clubs and he would beat the ass of us.
Just imagine we had the luxury of carrying a full set of clubs.
In 1981 I went to the Philippines on an invitation by one of Philippines great golf pro Irenio ” Boy”  Legaspi to play their local tour.
When I landed I headed straight to  Bonifacio Golf Club. Suddenly a throng of golf fans came surrounded me asking for  my autograph. Later I realised they had mistaken me for Ramayah who had just won the Marcos Invitational tournament at the Puerto Azul Club.
 Ramayah will always be remembered by me and all Singaporeans.


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