By Nazamudin Yusof
(Teaching Pro)

Our friendly rivalry started from the late 70s through the 80s and early 90s.
We became very close playing on the local and international pro circuits

Whenever we competed overseas during this period we would room together.

We were inseparable. We dined together, we went to movies , discussed our game and shortcomings. This went on even when we were not competing.

Apart from this, Ramayah never discussed his personal problems. He kept it to himself. There was one incident where he was interested in a girl and did not know how to make the approach.

So he asked me to write a letter for him in English and he handed it to her.
However that relationship never lasted.

I partnered him three world cup events.He was a superb playing partner. We always discussed and helped each other.

At the Dunhill Cup in St Andrews , I was dropped from the team. He was very disappointed by it. He wanted to show his support for me by voicing his displeasure to the team management but I told him not to.

I advised him to “forget the incident” and go and concentrate on his game. During the Indonesia circuit there’s one incident I can never forget .

He always talks in his sleep. One night he started shouting “where’s my putter?” a few times. I was woken abruptly. I went over and shook him awake and asked him if he was having a bad dream.

He blurted out :,”Someone has stolen my putter”.

I told him , ” Brother you are dreaming.The putter is next to your bed.” We had a good laugh the next day at breakfast before we played the next round .

Another incident that stands out is the Benson & Hedges Golf Classic at the KGNS Course. Ramayah and I were tied after four rounds. We had to play a sudden-death playoff.

He told me: “Let’s give the spectators an entertaining finish.” It was one of my best tournaments and I managed to clinch the title for the fourth time.

After I took the resident pro’s job in Johor, we hardly met up but when I quit in 2010, he was very concerned about my well being and would often call to ask if I was ok.

Ramayah was a unique and exceptional golfer that Malaysia had ever seen.

And he was like a brother to me.


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