By Dr Ronnie Yeo

Personally, I’ve known Ramayah for a long time since the year I started as the doctor in the ministry of sports looking after all the sportsmen and sportswomen of the national teams including golf.
There wasn’t much interaction between the golfers and the ministry officials then. We have known each other since and he has been very polite and cordial each time we met officially or unofficially. He has no air of his prowess as a national golfer, or for that matter after he turned professional.
 Always with a smile and soft spoken, ever neatly attired on or off the course, and never a harsh word for anyone.
He stood out as the most amicable person in the entire professional golf arena, past or present, and never failed to have something nice to say about others.
That is how I remember him and shall remember him. His demise is a loss to golf  in Malaysia for no other pro golfer has come close to what he has achieved and leaves behind as his legacy.


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