By Roger Rodrigo

At the height of his career he crossed swords with some of the world’s best players, including Fred Couples, Davis Love III, Bernhard Langer, Retief Goosen, to name a few. Indeed Marimuthu Ramayah remains entrenched in our record books as Malaysia’s first globe-trotting golf professional.

Yet, despite all the golden trophy moments there were many hard knocks. Countless forays into the gruelling rounds of qualifying for the British Open, many futile attempts at getting a card on the Japan Golf Tour. Most would have thrown in the towel. Not Ramayah, stubborn as a mule he went back time and again. He stopped only when he realised it was time to move on.

Undoubtedly, he was Malaysia’s golfing trailblazer, cutting the path for our next gen pros. Dare we say that he was the epitome of the phrase – “no venture, no gain?” Ramayah showed it was possible for Malaysian pros to win titles outside the country. He has won countless regional titles.

In his later years he settled into the teaching side and I recalled his quote – “I use my eyes. Believe me I can tell what’s going on with your swing by just looking at your swing just once,”

Ramayah was Malaysia’s No.1 golfer for 21 years, from 1976-97. He played in 13 World Cups, a record still unbeaten. Hail the Old Master!

Here’s a link to a story I wrote on Ramayah in Golf Digest


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