With just the light from the moon.
They cast a shadowy figure on the 17th Hole of RSGC’s Old Course.
The trio –V. Nellan, K. Selaruas and M. Ramayah were just children.
They were hunkered over their makeshift “guava clubs.”
However their childhood dream was beyond the 17th green.
But here is where their golf train journey began.
From picking golf balls, caddying to the professional tour.
The “golf spell” took them far and wide.
But it was Ramayah who blazed into the golf limelight.
Everytime he clutched a club, he came alive.
With a gentle grip, a smooth, sweet swing and a waggle.
His 7-iron always found a spot to land.
A chip, wedge shot and a putt found the hole.
He acknowledges the applause
Holds his hand in the air
And tips his golf cap
As Ramayah strides off to join his childhood friends
Beyond the sunset.

By George Das


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